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Love Your Lower Back
Friday night March 22

Lumbar and SI Joint pain have you grabbing for heating pads, lotions or ice packs? Wonder why a yoga asana practice sometimes makes it worse? After suffering from chronic pain in this area during pregnancies and for years after, Sara got the help she needed and put into practice on the mat. In this 2.5 hour workshop learn how to take the reins of your own pain with experiential guidance.

Over the course of the afternoon Sara will share sequences to release the strain on your SI and Lumbar and exercises to build strength to hopefully avoid another occurrence. Learn to love you lower back instead of dreading the next time it goes “out”. Get the back-care yoga basics here and put them to practice!

This workshop will be great for students as well as teachers. Mixed levels will be accommodated.

Super Human Shoulders
Saturday March 23rd

Did you know the shoulder girdle isn’t designed for weight-bearing? Considering the amount of time your shoulders weight-bear in a typical yoga practice we’ll have to develop superhuman strength to get the job done for years to come. In this class we’ll look at shoulder and upper body anatomy and work in a consistent way that honors the rhythm of the 8 distinct joints of your shoulders.

Practice will include hand balances and inversions. Best for students with some understanding of basic yoga postures. Not for beginners.

Backbend Bhakti
Saturday, March 23

Treat yourself to an afternoon of storytelling on the mat and a supportive back bending progression. Sara, known for her poetic integration of yoga philosophy while leading asana, will explore with you the symbolism of the Rasa Lila and lore of Krishna. Expect strong standing poses and work towards embodying the beauty of the Dance of Divine Love. Class culminates with integration of lower and upper body alignment principles in peak back bend postures.


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